I make quilts that can be hung on a wall or draped around the body. Sitting between abstract art and functional design, my work questions the traditional notion that quilting and hand sewing belong only in domestic space.

In my practice, modernist influences are made softer: lines are wavy, grids are loose, geometry ripples. Collaging together cottons and linens I collect and repurpose, including picked-apart clothing, my quilts contain their materials’ histories, and through their laborious making, draw parallels with women’s often hidden labours.

Full double bed spread, 220 x 190cm

Blanket quilt, 120 x 140cm

Quilted wall hangings, approx 40 x 30cm

Big pink blanket, 170 x 140cm

From ongoing series ‘Ways of going up and ways of going down’, 22 x 17cm

Quilt for a toddler, for sleeping under, playing on, and learning colours and shapes.